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Texts Cited in Prof. Goldfrank’s “Near Eastern/Islamic Political Thought in the Related Slavic and German Dracula Tales: Skazanie o Drakule Voevode and Die Geschicht Dracole Waide,” in Vlad der Pfähler – Dracula: Tyrann oder Volkstribun, edited  by Thomas M. Bohn, Raik Einax, Stefan Rohdewald (Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz: 2017), 197-213.

Die Geschicht Dracole Waida

Skazanie o Drakule Voevoda

Excerpt from Bonfini’s Rerum Ungaricum

Michel Beheim’s Versification of the German ‘Dracole’ 

also: Goldfrank’s Translation of Skazanie o Drakule Voevoda