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In addition to MVST courses, the Global Medieval Studies Program offers courses crosslisted with the Arabic, Art History, Classics, English, French, German, Government, History, Italian, Linguistics, Philosophy, Russian, Spanish and Theology Departments.

All courses crosslisted with Global Medieval Studies can also be found in MyAccess and Classy.

To find courses in MyAccess: Log in to MyAccess, then select the “Student Services” tab. Navigate to “Registration”, choose “Schedule of Classes” from the menu that appears, then select “Spring 2021” from the drop down menu.  Click on any subject, then hold down Ctrl + A (on PC) or Command + A (on Mac) to select all courses. Near the bottom of the page, select X-List: MVST, then press “Class Search”. The next web page should list all X-listed MVST courses.

To find courses in Classy: Go to Classy | by The Corp  and select “MVST” under the drop down menu “Cross-listed with”.