Resources produced by Georgetown faculty and students:

Premodern Worlds: A History Through Objects

This website and set of podcasts have been produced as part of Prof. Sarah McNamer’s seminar, “Premodern Worlds: An Introduction to Literary ultural History, 500-1500″(now ENG 1136). The podcasts all look at objects that are both relics from the medieval world and portals into that world.

Podcasts About Medieval Africa, 2020

Premodern Worlds: A History Through Objects, 2019

The Deiphira Project

The Deiphira Project is an international scholarly collaboration to transcribe, translate, and study one manuscript of the Deiphira, Leon Battista Alberti’s treatise on love. The project is a professionally diverse digital undertaking featuring Global Medieval Studies affiliated faculty Dr. Francesco Ciabattoni and Visiting Researcher Dr. Laura Morreale. Read more and view a recorded webinar introducing the project here!

Global Medieval Studies Bibliographies

We are pleased to share a new collaborative project from Medieval Studies faculty: a collection of bibliographies across topic areas within medieval studies for educators and students looking to expand their view of the global medieval world.

Africa in the Global Medieval World (Kathryn M. de Luna)

Asia in the Global Medieval World (Michelle C. Wang)

Iberian, Hispanic, Lusophone, and Iberoamerican Sources (Ross Karlan)

Global Medieval Studies Bibliography (Sarah McNamer)

GU Library Research Guides

Global Medieval Studies Research Guide

African Studies & African History

Arab & Middle Eastern Studies

Art, Art History, & Museum Studies

Asian History

English Literature

European History

Medieval and Early Modern Manuscript Collections

Theology & Religions

Other resources:

Middle Ages for Educators

Our colleagues Laura Morreale, Merle Eisenberg, and Sara McDougall, with support from the Haskins Society, have just launched a new website, “Middle Ages for Educators,” to aid with digital learning and education during the challenges posed by COVID-19. This is a brilliant resource for educators, students, and all interested in medieval studies.

Medieval DC

Created in collaboration between Humanities DC and Catholic University of America, Medieval DC is a resource guide to help locate places in the DC metro area to learn about the middle ages. The website includes materials and and resources for K-12 teachers for class discussion.

Global Medieval Sourcebook

“The Global Medieval Sourcebook” (GMS) is a free, open access, and open source teaching and research tool. It offers a flexible online display for the parallel viewing of medieval texts in their original language, in new English translations, and in their digitized manuscript form.” (Global Medieval Sourcebook)

Global Middle Ages

This international collaboration of medievalists provides resources for students and instructors spanning medieval Europe, Asia, North America, and Sub-Saharan Africa. A handy map organizes featured projects by region.