Study Abroad

Why Study Abroad?

The Global Medieval Studies Program strives to empower students to become culturally literate citizens globally. Of course, experiential learning through study abroad is a critical component! Please see below for more information on medieval studies opportunities abroad — both for independent travel and Georgetown courses.

Global Medieval Studies Travel Award

The Georgetown Global Medieval Studies Program created the Global Medieval Studies Travel Award to enhance the study of the global Middle Ages by funding medieval studies travel and study abroad.

Students can apply for a Travel Award to support experiential learning opportunities and fieldwork/research on places and artifacts from the period 500-1500 C.E., either in situ or in archival, library, or museum collections. These opportunities can take many forms. The award can fund a summer course or field school sponsored by Georgetown, or other summer programs. Intensive language programs and relevant archaeological digs are encouraged, as is independent travel or research. For more information, contact the program director.

Italy: The Villa le Balze in Fiesole

Global Medieval Studies students are particularly well-prepared to apply for programs at Georgetown’s beautiful Villa near Florence. The Villa itself sits on a hill looking down on Florence and its famed architecture. For more details please see Georgetown’s current Villa le Balze programs.

Global Medieval Studies Abroad Elsewhere

Georgetown’s extensive International Programs network offers numerous opportunities for students to pursue their interests in Global Medieval Studies, especially at British, French, and Spanish universities where Global Medieval Studies has a very long tradition. Among many, there are particularly attractive programs at Oxford, Dublin, York, Glasgow, London, Edinburgh, Paris, and Salamanca. Students interested in other parts of the medieval world, especially if they are linguistically prepared, should explore opportunities for study abroad. For more information, contact us.

Georgetown Summer Courses

Georgetown offers summer courses that are especially tailored to medieval studies work, from studies of medieval disease in Italy to fieldwork in central Zambia. For current summer programs, please consult the program director.


If you have any questions or believe another summer program would be a great fit for the program, please email Professor Francesco Ciabattoni at