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  • Meet the Winners of the 2019 Global Medieval Studies Travel Award!

    The Global Medieval Studies Program is happy to announce that Rachel Singer (COL’22) and Wini Dandu (MSB’19) have won MVST Travel Awards for the summer of 2019. Rachel Singer will travel to England, while Wini will be exploring India. Read on for more information about their proposed summer trips!

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  • 2018 Travel Grant Winner Isaiah Seibert on His Travels in the Middle East

    Isaiah Seibert used the 2018 Travel Grant to take a two-week independent trip around Israel, Egypt, and the West Bank. One of his trip’s highlights includes a Christian church that was first built in the fourth century and whose keys are held by a Muslim family.

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  • 2018 Travel Grant Winner Peri Beckerman on her Experience in Zambia

    Peri Beckerman used the 2018 Travel Grant to work on language documentation at Georgetown’s field school in Zambia. She participated “in a variety of different areas of historical research through archeology and linguistics, excavating a trench and surveying the local area, as well as conducting interviews in Ila, with the use of an interpreter.”

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