Study Abroad

Italy: The Villa le Balze in Fiesole

Medieval Studies students are particularly well prepared to apply for the programs at Georgetown's beautiful Villa near Florence, since they will already have had a Medieval Studies foundation course, and since a number of Medieval Studies faculty have strong connections with the Villa. The Villa itself is set on a hill town looking down upon Florence's famous architectural monuments. For more details, and for photographs of the Villa, which was donated to Georgetown by the Marquesa Margaret Rockefeller de Larrain, click here for the Villa le Balze programs.

The Coast of Turkey: The McGhee Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies

Georgetown also owns a 170 year-old Ottoman villa, on the Mediterranean coast, where students can study the history of the Crusades, surrounded by architectural monuments of the period, and Biblical history in the country of St. Paul's epistles — Ephesus, Galatia, Colossae — and Islamic history, art, and architecture. The Center is run by a member of the Medieval Studies and SFS faculty, Prof. Scott Redford. For more details about the villa, which was donated to Georgetown by Ambassador George C. McGhee, click here for the McGhee Center programs.

Medieval Studies Abroad Elsewhere:

Georgetown's extensive International Programs network offers numerous opportunities for students to pursue their interests in Medieval Studies, especially at British, French, and Spanish universities where Medieval Studies has a very long tradition. Among many, there are particularly attractive programs at Oxford, Dublin, York, Glasgow, London, Edinburgh, Paris, and Salamanca. Students interested in other parts of the medieval world, especially if they are linguistically prepared, should explore opportunities for study abroad. For more information, contact us.